Grace and Truth Gospel Chapel

Pastor Benjamin B. Glover was born March 27, 1969 on St. Helena Island, SC. He is
happily married to Shon Glover and together they have five children, a daughter
Kentura, and four sons, Kimani, Benjamin, Brodrick and Brenden.  He is a
graduate of Wheelock College in Boston, MA.  Below is his bio in his own words:

"I have been a member of Grace and Truth my whole life.  I accepted the Lord Jesus as
my Savior at the age of 9 at Grace Bible Camp, St. Helena Island, SC.  It was under one of
those fist-pounding, chalk-board smacking, chalk-breaking sermons given by then camp
evangelist, Pastor T. Michael Flowers.  T. Michael Flowers, currently of Decatur Bible
Chapel, Atlanta, Georgia but formerly of Berean Bible Chapel, Savannah, GA."

"I have grown in the Lord through church attendance and the church ministries growing
up to the children of St. Helena Island.  One church had an outreach ministry for children
teaching Bible study for adolescents to teens on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.  This was
a staple in my life from the day I was born to my late teens."

"Through my adolescent and teen years, I was also influenced by attending the United Bible
Conference each year, which my father had a hand in helping to establish.  It was here that
part of the seed God was sowing in me was formulated through the teaching of the late
Tom Skinner, evangelist, conference speaker, author and co-founder of Man In The
Mirror Ministries.  It was through these many influences, along with the preaching and
teaching of my father that forged a deeper relationship with God.  Through my father
being able to answer biblical questions and allowing me to read and use much of his study
material enabled foundational truth to be established in me."

"In about 1993 through Christian radio I was exposed to a diversity of preaching by many
pastors such as Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindell, Adrian Rodgers, Erwin
Lutzer, James Dobson, Charles Stanley and many more through WAGP 88.7 in Beaufort,
SC.  It was during this time I sensed God calling me into the ministry, of preaching the
gospel.  I began to have a burning desire to use the years of knowledge gained to teach
people the gospel.  Knowing what the Bible says about the responsibility of the position I
wanted to know it was truly God and no desire of mine. I prayed to God about this leading
of the Holy Spirit for 2 years, before stepping out knowing it was the leading of God.  I
began to preach during the summer to youth at Grace Bible Camp and on 4th Sundays at
my church, Grace and Truth Gospel Chapel. Through the years, the Lord lead to preaching
each Sunday.  My father, who is Senior Pastor, allowed me the privilege to preach and
grow as the Holy Spirit lead."

"On June 29th, 2003, I was officially ordained into the ministry of preaching the gospel of
Jesus Christ at Grace and Truth Gospel Chapel.  I was officially named the Pastor on
March 29, 2009 after serving many years as Associate Pastor under the leadership of my
father, Pastor Emeritus Benjamin Glover Sr.  I am looking forward to where God is leading
our church in our community of St. Helena Island, SC."
Grace and Truth Gospel Chapel
1 TIMOTHY 4:12

Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to
the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in
faith,  in purity.